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I'm Richard Dixon and I have over 20 years of experience in meteorological research, catastrophe (cat) model building and model evaluation. 


Have you ever been asked any of the these questions by your cat modelling peers, underwriters or C-suite members of your company?

  • How might we go about building our own view of risk of catastrophe models in a changing climate?

  • How can we understand why these two models are so different in this territory?

  • Can we ascertain if the model is deficient in a particular area such that it should change our underwriting?

  • How much do we really know about the sort of events that occur every 100 years?

  • What sort of data can we use to evaluate this model so we're happy we should use it operationally?

At CatInsight, I aim to bring the skills I have developed in my career to bear in answering these types of questions for your company. 

Additionally, I am researching the merits of re-purposing existing climate model output to create new datasets and models to aid understanding of risk both in territories where models already exist and in developing countries that may lack such data.

My Blog has examples of the things I think about and the Experience section details my previous positions and current consulting work.

Please Contact me for further information; you can also sign up below for updates to my blog or any new research items.

In the spirit of how I present my work, this website is deliberately "plain vanilla" to deliver straightforward, understandable information.


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