London Market Climate Discussions

For now this is a placeholder for what I hope will be a fairly regular discussion session around climate change that is centred around the latest research that is being done in this area. The topic of climate - whether we like it or not - has been pushed to the forefront of catastrophe modelling in the last couple of years even though the science of climate and tail risk is still - relatively - in its infancy. Research is continually being done and I'm sure will continue to impact how we view climate risk and how we adjust models - upward or downward - in the future.

The aim of these sessions - which I suspect will be somewhere between quarterly and half-yearly, depending on what people think is sensible, will be fairly open-ended but would primarily take the form of:

- People from our industry presenting their digestion of academic climate research papers that they feel might be useful

- Industry folk presenting their research on climate topics (if they feel they want to share)

....but we could also extend this to, for example:

- How we implement new research within risk frameworks and into cat models

- Guest speakers from academia telling us about their latest research

I've had an email asking whether attendees need to be up to be speed in the area of climate science: in my eyes, I would hope not, but I will see what others think in the survey below. I would prefer this to be open to all, such that those who might not have the time or inclination to look through scientific papers will benefit from hearing technical work digested for a broad cat modelling audience.

Target attendees? Anyone in the insurance industry: cat modellers, exposure managers, cat model vendors, actuaries, underwriters, brokers. If you think you might learn something new or want to share something, feel free to come along. I want it to be informal enough to for open, judgement-free debate on climate. 


More details will appear here in due course but if you're interested and in the cat modelling/insurance market please take this short survey to help me understand what you would want in terms of audience, frequency and content of these meetings.