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I work outside my core model evaluation area in research to better help us understand catastrophe risk. I was delighted to have been given a Visiting Research Fellow position where I studied for my BSc and PhD at the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading as of May 2017. Current and previous research papers can be seen below.

Below are some of the research topics in which I am engaged at the moment:

Wind and Flood Correlation

Paper with John Hillier of Loughborough University in review stage on using synthetic windstorm seasons from Copernicus data to understand wind-flood correlation in NW Europe. Hoping for follow-up PhD study.

Windstorm Risk from Large Climate Ensembles

Paper currently in writing with Len Shaffrey at Reading University on a simple conversion of climate model output  to risk information to demonstrate the time-varying nature of windstorm risk

US Hurricane - Europe Windstorm Correlation

Understanding what large-scale variables may impact EUWS/USHU correlation from season-to-season using large datasets

Drivers of Different WIndstorm Seasons

Short article in preparation contrasting the 1990 and 2020 windstorm seasons and how different they were despite both being seen as "windy" in the media.

Research Papers


Hillier, J. K., and R. S. Dixon, 2020: Seasonal impact-based mapping of compound hazards. Environ. Res. Lett., 


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